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Mrs. Morgan Rescues... Books 1-5

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Mrs. Morgan lives in Savannah, Georgia. She is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and rescues and fosters both wild and domestic animals with the help of her eleven year old neighbor Bree. This edition includes Books 1-5 and my goal in writing the books was to introduce young children to animal rehabilitation and rescue.

Readers ages 5 and up will love this book.

Book 1

This story is about a baby squirrel she finds in her back yard that has been abandoned by it's mother. Mrs. Morgan and her next door neighbor Bree care for the squirrel until it is released back into the wild.

Book 2

This story is about a rabbit that was owned by a woman but is injured by a cat. Mrs. Morgan and her next door neighbor Bree care for the rabbit until it is ready to go to a new home.

Book 3

This third story is about three kittens whose mother died. Mrs. Morgan and her neighbor Bree bottle feed the kittens until someone else steps in to help. This story also goes into detail about how homes are found for each kitten.

Book 4

This story is about two older dogs Roscoe and Boscoe. Their owner has died and her daughter is leaving town and can't take the dogs right away. A rescue group calls Mrs. Morgan and asks her to keep the dogs for three months and she agrees.

Book 5

This story is about two African Grey parrots named Chloe and Candy. They belong to a woman who collects birds but doesn't take care of them. A rescue group takes all of the birds and Mrs. Morgan offers to keep the two parrots until a new home can be found for them.

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