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Beyond Hola

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So you know how to ask where the restroom is and how much something costs, now what?
How do you ask someone if they are on Facebook?

Go beyond hola with these 333+ phrases for conversational use.

No, this eBook will not teach you how to conjugate the verb estar.
Learn phrases that other Spanish language books do not teach you.

Inside are phrases that you have all probably used in English conversations.

Purchase another book to learn how ask someone’s name.
Purchase this one to learn how to say someone is a pain in the ‘butt’ or to apologize for oversleeping.

*Remember, Spanish IS NOT a translation of English.
There are a lot of idioms that do not literally translate to English.

If your device has internet capability and sound the Spanish phrases link to one of the most popular translation tools on the internet.
Read and HEAR the phrases in Spanish!

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