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Genation: Verticus

593 pages9 hours


EDDY AND GRIZZ successfully travel through Genation which propels them, 26 million years into the future. Adjusting to Verticus, a world of volks, proves to be extremely challenging than they expected. Insects are the dominant species of the planet. Eddy finds immigrating into the volk culture tolerable, but Grizz runs into more complications. Because of the complexity of Grizz’s genes, he is put through numerous rigorous tests. This was the very thing Grizz hoped to escape from earth. When he has enough of the volk’s meticulous probing and questioning, Grizz escapes. As a dangerous wanted volk, Grizz is at large in the volk city and hunted by vastly advanced robotic authority officers known as ‘the thrustle-T.’ After capture, Grizz returns to Verticus from the distant prison planet. Armed with volk weaponized technology and an army of prisoners, they infest Verticus to invade, conquer and wreak their vengeance upon all volks.
Worlds collide, the sun explodes and Verticus will never be the same again. Take the ultimate ride that will blow your mind in Genation Verticus.

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