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Somewhere County, Kansas

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We, who now live in the 21st Century, rarely wonder what it was like to live in the 19th Century. Specifically between 1800 and 1912. Now, there was a writer, who lived during that time, but her Historical Novel was never published. A Historical Novel is a contradiction in terms.

Then I came along, whereof I find this writers novel in a metal box in the middle of Kansas, and I rewrite this Novel, before it disintegrates into dust, just like it was initially written. With a few comments as I rewrite it.

What persons had to do, to get to the promised land of milk and honey, called California and or Oregon? And what they had to do to accomplish this dream. The items they had to give up, because taking these items with them, might make the difference in not getting to these places.

Think of the persons who made these promises to themselves, but for some unforeseen reasons, they had to totally throw those reasons away, and settle for something much lesser than expected. And what these persons did to establish themselves into a kind of Dynasty, which could change the world. And did.

Then after several years had passed, a terrible storm came along and changed everything, so their dynasty became nothing like they had intended it to be. What that storm did, you will have to read this book to secure that answer.

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