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The Mallorca Assignment

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Location: Mallorca, jewel of Spain's Balearic Islands. Time: Late summer, present day.
Question: Who or what links the bizarre murders of three men – one an influential, British multi-millionaire – whose corpses all bear the hallmarks of professional ‘hits’?
It’s the task of Inspector Mercedes Ibanez and Detective Chief Inspector Harry Hudson, a tetchy British cop parachuted in to help, to find the answer.
However, the haughty Ibanez - disparagingly nicknamed La Condesa (The Countess) by her colleagues in Spain’s National Police - and Hudson collide as much as collude as they try to piece together a jigsaw of disjointed clues.
Ranged against them are villainous underworld fixer, Cardones, and his pet thug, Teo, who plan to net a fortune by aiding Omar the terrorist in his mission to launch a suicide bombing ‘spectacular’, capable of annihilating thousands.
Meanwhile, others are on a covert mission, too.
Because, scheming from the sidelines are Spanish spymaster, Miguel Pinya, and CIA agent, Dan Millard, whose agenda reflects the moral murkiness of the spooks’ trade.
In this case it is to hamper the civil police at every turn, then stage-manage a publicity coup to shock a complacent public and critical media into realising only extreme counter-measures can thwart jihadi extremism.
In a spellbinding climax – laced with intriguing twists and dramatic turns – it becomes an action-packed race against time as to who triumphs...the merchants of destruction, the cynical secret service agents or two, bickering investigators, dedicated to bringing criminals to justice.

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