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Another Life after Birth

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It tells us that before this birth we already have taken infinite births and passed through this cycle of death and rebirth. This world of the cycle of rebirth keeps a dense meaning about it. Though everyone is aware of the word cycle of rebirth but many does not know the actual meaning of the word. Generally everyone takes it as world and worldly things. According to Hindu religion we come in this world again and again and afterwards we pass into more minute and bigger world. This way we die and take birth again and again. If we believe in the Hindu mythology then according to them the soul travels in the atmosphere visits places such as hell and heaven but in the end it has to enter its body again. The astrologers also believe this and thus most of their predications resolve in this matter. According to them we are rewarded or punished according to our deeds, we either get it in our life time or in our next birth. Our deeds form our stars and we take birth according to our stars. This process can take years or even decades. The Hindus strongly believe in it. Before becoming a human being our soul has entered almost a thousand bodies. The word ‘universe’ has an every deep meaning to which not everyone is known. Everybody knows the word but not the meaning and significance behind it. A common man may describe it as the world in which we live but the Hindu mythology believes that there are different worlds in which we go according to our deeds. In this way we take several births and even die several times. Saint Shankracharya has explained this in his hymns in the book ‘Bhaj Govindam’ as ‘Rebirth and Redie’ in other words again and again die and take birth again and again. This circle of life and death is referred to as the universe. It is not only the Hindus that believe in this process but also the other religions, though they have their separate explanations and thus, they try to please their ancestors by praying to them on a particular day in this way or the other way.
The scientists don’t believe in hell, heaven and rebirth; but what evidences they have got cannot also be said to be untruths or simply nothing. One such thing is that what is the thing which enters a person's mind after his death and fills it with memories of his past life? To answer this question even the scientists have to believe in such things.
In this book we have described and extensively explained all about ‘rebirths’. For some it is true while for some it is plain lies. Now everything lies in your hands to decide what is rebirth?

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