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How To Take Over Your Promised Land

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How To Take Over Your Promised Land Synopsis
By Doug Vermeulen
In the Bible, in the book of Romans, it is recommended that we be transformed by the renewing of our minds, so that we as Christians can be seen to be different to the world, and more importantly, ‘you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.’
In this book the author takes a comprehensive and detailed look at the process of the ‘renewing of our minds.’
The specific instructions given by God to Joshua in order to take over the Promised Land are looked at in terms of the fact that Jesus has upgraded the instructions into a new form.
The author takes the reader through step-by-step phases to arrive at the goal, after laying a suitable foundation on which to build.
The main character in the Old Testament aspect of the book is Joshua. He became leader of the nation of Israel after Moses. His qualities of service, and obedience to God became the basis of success in enabling Israel to take over the Promised Land.
He followed the instructions in detail, that Moses had passed on to him, and then continued to be led by God, as success after success was achieved, as Israel took over the Promised Land from the people of wicked ways which God detested.
The successful leadership that Joshua provided then becomes the success of the individual people of Israel, with the men of the nation becoming ‘mighty men’ doing amazing exploits for God and country. The wicked nations could not stand before them, being put to rout one after another.
The Old Testament stories become the basis and example of how we can do successful spiritual warfare to defeat the spiritual wicked kingdoms of satan. The author shows exactly how to do, and be properly prepared for, spiritual warfare in this day and age.
The characters in this story are Joshua, the people of Israel, and you and me. The ‘mighty exploits’ that were done on earth at that time, we can do in the spiritual realm at this present time.
It was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that moving with and by God, that the people of Israel changed the history of their time. We can do the same in this day and age if we move with and by God.
Do we have to wander around not knowing what to do? Do we have to have a slave mentality to our circumstances? Is victory possible? If victory is possible, how? What do have to do to obtain victory? Is it possible to know exactly what is necessary to obtain victory against the wicked circumstances of our lives?
God provides the answer to all these questions as he guides Joshua and the people of Israel to victory. In the process the story becomes a type and shadow example for us to follow.
The age-old question of whether we need to live under yoke of wicked people is looked at. The answer in this book is a resounding NO, we do not have to! We are able to change our lives, and history by following the solutions found in the Bible, and applying them.

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