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The Terrorer

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Sally’s world is turned upside down one day when her father announces he’s found a new job – in Liverpool! She is forced to leave behind her old school, her old stomping grounds and even her best friend Marcie.

In her new school, she finds that the teachers are all very scary, the rest of the children hate her and all she wants to do is go home.

She makes plans to force her parents to move back home, aided by her new friend the Terrorer, an enormous horned dog with red eyes and two rows of gleaming, sharp teeth. The beast is vicious and willing to do whatever she wants, but the power comes with a terrible price – Sally feels herself starting to change, to enjoy the newfound possibilities such power can bring. But she also begins to fear the Terrorer.

Can Sally really control the beast,
or is it actually controlling her?

A tale for older children, dealing with the complexities of childhood loneliness and the traumas of leaving everything behind when moving house and settling in at a new school.

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