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Religious texts play an important role in benefiting society as well as in upholding the values in it. The Vedas, the Ramayana, the Gita, the Puraanas and the Mahabharata are some of Hindu’s ancient religious texts that have been guiding the society for ages towards the development of a better society.

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Hindu Goddesses Quiz Book - Mahesh Dutt Sharma

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1. Goddess Durga

Tick the correct answers:

1. Which goddess did the gods create by assimilating their energies?

(A) Durga

(B) Lakshmi

(C) Bhraamari

(D) Shakambhari

2. With how many arms is Goddess Durga adorned?

(A) Four

(B) Eight

(C) Twelve

(D) Eighteen

3. Which part of the body of Goddess Durga was created with the powers of Lord Shiva?

(A) Hair

(B) Face

(C) Eyes

(D) Heart

4. How many eyes does Goddess Durga have?

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

5. By which god’s body were the eyes of Goddess Durga originated?

(A) Indra

(B) Firegod

(C) Shiva

(D) Varun

6. Which parts of goddess Durga’s body were developed out of Lord Sri Vishnu?

(A) Breast

(B) Eye brows

(C) Fingers

(D) Arms

7. Who had provided the divine clothes to Goddess Durga?

(A) Sheer Saagar

(B) Brahma

(C) Shesh Nag (Cobra)

(D) Prajaapati

8. Which garland of Lotus flowers had Varun Dev gifted to Goddess Durga?

(A) Sankarshan

(B) Vajyanti

(C) Pushpa

(C) Kamlushpa

9. What is the name Goddess Durga’s vehicle?

(A) Eagle

(B) Bull

(C) Lion

(D) Elephant

10. Who had gifted the lion to Goddess Durga as her vehicle?

(A) Himvaan

(B) Vaasuki Nag

(C) Ashvanikumars

(D) Kuber

11. Which weapon did Lord Vishnu give to Goddess Durga?

(A) Komod Mace (gada)

(B) Sharang bow

(C) Net

(D) Sudershan chakra

12. Which weapon did Lord Shiva give to Goddess Durga?

(A) Bow

(B) Sword

(C) Net

(D) Three pronged lance

13. Which divine power did Firegod give to Goddess Durga?

(A) Sanjivani

(B) Sankarshan

(C) Shatghani

(D) Mohini

14. What did Sungod give to Goddess Durga?

(A) Mace

(B) Chariot

(C) Vraj (district of Mathura, India)

(D) His ray of light

15. Who had given the Komod Mace and divine armour to Goddess Durga?

(A) Tvashta

(B) Prajaapati

(C) Ashvanikumars

(D) Marudagna

16. Which demon had sent a marriage proposal to Goddess Durga?

(A) Mahishasur

(B) Utkal

(C) Raktbeej

(D) Chaakshur

17. By whom was demon Mahishasur’s destined to be killed?

(A) Lion

(B) Indra

(C) A Maiden

(D) Eagle

18. Which goddess had killed demon Mahishasur?

(A) Sarasvati

(B) Durga

(C) Lakshmi

(D) Gaayatri

19. How did Goddess Durga kill Mahishasur?

(A) By beheading

(B) By splitting the chest

(C) By a stroke of foot

(D) By burning to ashes

20. Where did goddess Durga go after killing demon Mahishasur?

(A) Ramneek Island

(B) Amravati puri

(C) Sutallok

(D) Mani Island

21. Who was Durgam?

(A) Musician

(B) A demigod with a horse’s head

(C) Muni

(D) Demon

22. What did demon Durgam demand as a boon from Brahmaji?

(A) Immortality

(B) A celestial weapon

(C) Heavens

(D) The divine knowledge

23. Due to the lack of divine knowledge to perform oblations, for how many years were there no rains on earth?

(A) Ten

(B) Fifty

(C) Hundred

(D) One thousand

24. When there were disturbances on earth, whom did the Brahmins worship?

(A) Durga

(B) Varun

(C) Indra

(D) Tridevs

25. To see the world’s misfortune, which merciful goddess had started shedding tears?

(A) Kushmanda

(B) Durga

(C) Kaaliya

(D) Kaushiki

26. For how many days did it rain when the tears flowed out of Goddess Durga’s eyes?

(A) Nine

(B) Fifteen

(C) Twenty five

(D) Thirty seven

27. By which name did the merciful form of Goddess Durga become known?

(A) Maheshvari

(B) Vaaruni

(C) Shataakshi

(D) Annpurna

28. What is the other name by which Goddess Durga is known since she provides various types of vegetables and tasty fruits to the world?

(A) Kaatyayani

(B) Chandraghanta

(C) Mahagauri

(D) Shakambhri

29. Which goddess had killed demon Durgam?

(A) Maatangi

(B) Durga

(C) Bharavi

(D) Baglamukhi

30. In which Manvantar (period) Surath, a faithful devotee of Goddess Durga, became a famous and a truthful King?

(A) Swayambhu

(B) Autam

(C) Swarochish

(D) Vidurbh

31. With which Vaishya (businessman) did King Surat become friendly while he was wondering in the forest?

(A) Sudshin

(B) Samaadhi

(C) Sankarshan