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Conquer Cancer Now!

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With Cancer now affecting a staggering one in three of us, looking at a cure for Cancer has never been so important and while traditional medicine continues to work hard to help, sometimes help can be found in less traditional paths. A search on the internet reveals a myriad of solutions and ideas, all claiming to help cure Cancer naturally. So which of these can really help you or a loved one Conquer cancer and return to a life of health and vitality, is there even such a thing out there? Ellen Monroe, like many of us, dealt with the devastating effects of Cancer in her immediate family and she made it the mission to sort the mystery from the miracles and the fact from the fiction.

Now for the first time - Conquer Cancer Now! is ready to help you explore the options out there. Much of the details of effective Cancer cures appear to have been suppressed, or shrouded in mystery. Designed to work in harmony with our bodies, this book explores some of the most prolific, natural, alternative Cancer cures that have been reported to have helped or to have cured Cancer throughout the various stages of the disease. Many of these Cancer therapies have existed for years
The book is not a replacement for medical care and guidance; it is to offer a more holistic support for those cancer sufferers who want to find some alternative or complementary and natural cancer therapy options. It addresses the mind, body and emotions of the Cancer fighter and their family, it is to provide insight and support and also details as to what may help you in your battle to regain your health. This is a user focused guide to help you explore and do your own research on more natural types of Cancer treatment.
Cancer is without doubt a terrifying diagnosis but it is a disease and not necessarily a death sentence. If you want to really fight Cancer then this book is designed to be an aid to helping you or a loved one explore more than just the traditional Cancer treatment options.

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