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Charlie's Champagne

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An adult story, only for sale to people over the age of 18. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of public urination and sex please do not buy my book.

Charlie and Dave work together. They are both turned on by fantasies of public urination and sharing urine; until the night of Charlie's 21st birthday they don't realize that they share that desire. They try each other's warm wine, and things develop from there.

A cleaned-up excerpt:

In bed the night before Charlie had confessed to Dave that she had been really turned on once, when she'd wet herself fully clothed in public, and she wanted to do it again. So that day after work Dave drove them to a quiet area just outside town where there wouldn't be many people but there might be a few. They parked the car and they walked a little way onto the woods. They passed a few dog-walkers on their way and Charlene knew that she would get noticed when she walked back in wet clothes.
There was a little stream, and Dave led her to it. He pointed out some stones. Like stepping stones, standing out just above the water level. Charlie took her shoes off. She was wearing her white trousers again for effect, and she stepped out, placing one foot on one stone and the other on another one just far enough away to slightly stretch her legs. Dave looked at the shape of her pubis under her trousers; he could almost see the outline of her labia and he couldn't wait until he could taste her again. Charlie just stood there, waiting for the word from her lover that there was somebody about to pass them by. She was almost bursting and hoped he wouldn't keep her waiting too long!
Then he nodded at her. Charlie leaned her head back, feeling the warm evening sunshine on her face, and closed her eyes. She didn't want to see who might be watching her. Her flow started almost immediately, with no effort from her at all. She could feel it spreading out from her groin, warmth covering her pelvis and her legs; then it was running down her feet and she knew that her trousers must be soaked through; the thin white fabric became see-through when it was wet and so if she had an audience they must be able to see her ....

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