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Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents

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Book with 150 Saints and Blessed, designed so that the reader can find his or her link up to the Saint or Blessed. Each listing, in chronological order, are Saints that are in everyone's bloodline, and one of three American's can prove their link to the Saint. Each listing has feast day, information about the Saint mother, father, brothers, their royal or Sainted descendants and ancestors There is a listing of why the Saint made it to the altars. Each Saint is in a section of the first years, then each hundred years has a section. So if the Saint was 740 AD it would be in the 700 - 800 section. There is a timeline of what happened that century in Christianity, and a list of the Popes for that century. The reader can trace his/her genealogy to any of the royalty and then find the saint. There is an available computer file of the research data used to generate the book.

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