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Cthelvis and Others

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This collection of fifteen Lovecraft-inspired tales spans human history and genres. Ranging from high fantasy to martial arts epic to the far future, they are all linked by a common theme of the alien unknown. Among the stories' inhabitants, you will find:

Jonas Bell Presents "The King in Yellow" - A cursed play that may be a doorway to another reality or something far worse.

Sanitarium - The dark secret of the forgotten patients locked away in the bowels of a seaside asylum.

Mission to Yuggoth on the Rim - A desperate mission to deliver an untested weapon to the edge of the solar system.

Crouching Tsathoggua, Hidden Dagon - A martial arts tournament that will determine the fate of humanity.

Black Goat of the Hundred Acre Wood - An eerie fairy tale featuring a character with a passing resemblance to a certain little yellow bear.

Cthelvis - And of course, the King of Rock n' Roll.

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