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10 Cautions For Young Ministers

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It will be difficult for us to help people if we are not helped. How can we teach people if we are not taught how to do so? It will be impossible for us to be special instruments in the hands of God for special purposes if we do not prepare and make ourselves available to our Maker.

A path that has no obstacles leads to nowhere. If you have a vision to fulfill, a ministry or a mandate to achieve, then you must be ready to tackle the obstacles that may be placed in your way. You must be cautious of the negative factors and influences which may oppose you in the pursuance of your dream.

It is not a spiritual experience that secures a place for you in God. It is obedience to His words that pleases Him. Our focus should be in building our character and not performance. The Church is not a theatre where actors perform. It is the ground and pillar of truth. We are God's oracles.

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