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Web Marketing & SEO: Google DOs & Google DON’Ts

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This guide was produced for the intention of introducing readers to the optimum strategies for populating webpages.

For example, the best locations to place primary keywords and why each web page should have it's own unique signature, with respect to search engines, so they can be accurately matched to search inquiries. Also how to do this without upsetting the search engine gods.

The guide describes how to use natural, organic search engine optimization techniques and describes how to find the right keywords, how to build back links and how to optimize web pages so that search engines can spider the information without problems and return the pages in search results; where it matters most.

Topics Covered

* Website copy and content
* Search Engine Accessibility
* Website Load Speeds
* Creating Great Content
* How Much Content is Enough Content
* Formatting and Layout of Content
* Keyword Optimisation
* Finding Keywords for Your Niche (Using the new Google keyword planner)
* Meta Tags – Which Are Important?
* Sub-Domains or Directories
* Page Rank Sculpting
* Link building strategies
* Google Recommendations
* Article Marketing
* Guest Blogging and Posting
* Community Websites
* Reciprocal Linking
* Blog Commenting
* Forum Participation
* Buying Links
* Negative SEO
* Websites for Mobiles
* Website Performance Monitoring
* Social Media Signals
* Finding Good SEO Services

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