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Ask the Agent: Night Thoughts on Writing and Book Publishing

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Drawing on his thirty-five years as a bookseller and his many years as a literary agent, Andy Ross brilliantly explores the vast and often confusing landscape of contemporary publishing, noting its quirks, foibles, and rewards. Ask the Agent is a witty, humorous guide to what it takes to get an agent and get a book published combined with a paean of praise to joys of reading. Ross even manages to make the subject of rejection letters entertaining as opposed to depressing. His brilliant satire "Publisher Rejection Letters from Plato to Hitler" not only contains great advice, it’s as much fun to read as the best of Woody
-- Mary Mackey bestselling author of The Year The Horses Came

Literary agent, Andy Ross, has been posting to his wildly popular blog, Ask the Agent, since 2009. The blog includes no-nonsense advice on getting published and finding an agent, his incisive thoughts about the process of writing and the business of book publishing, and his recollections as a bookseller and owner of the legendary Cody’s Books in Berkeley for 30 years. Ask the Agent: Night Thoughts on Writing and Book Publishing collects the best of these writings as well as new material. The writing is rich, the insights always original, and it’s side-splittingly funny. The collection includes such classics as: “How to Pitch to an Agent,” “The Slush Pile,” “Think Like an Editor,” “The First Book Ever Written,” “Ann Lamott (And Albert Camus) on Writing,” and “Eunuchs at an Orgy: Authors on Literary Critics.”

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