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Plantar Wart Removal Home Remedies: Top 20 Wart Remedies Why They Work and Their Dangers

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Did you know?

The two different types of plantars warts and which one is difficult to treat?

That if you are allergic to latex, you are most likely allergic to papaya, one of the home remedies for warts commonly read about on the internet?

That there is a lethal dose of green tea, another common remedy for warts?

That one of the common remedies for warts you’ll find on the internet can also be deadly?

That one common herb cited as a remedy for warts can cause severe contact burns if put on the skin?

Are Wart Removal Home Remedies right for you? Do they really work? Author, Jacqueline Tidwell finds out and you’ll be surprised at some of the information that she has found!

In Plantar Wart Removal Home Remedies, Tidwell identified the top 20 most commonly mentioned home remedies for plantars warts as the main subject of this book and discussed the treatment method, why it worked (surprisingly, many had the same common denominator), and possible side effects, some proving to be potentially fatal.

Once a chronic sufferer of plantars warts, Tidwell got tired of traditional medical treatments that didn’t work or were too painful. She decided to drill her doctor for answers and research remedies on her own. In her research she found many misconceptions and misinformation about various home remedies as well as about warts in general.

Tidwell also gives tips on how to stay wart free and delves deeper into the startling facts about the human papillomavirus that causes warts.

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