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Skydiving Sluts (Mind Control, three way, public sex)

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Amber has always been the wet blanket of the book club- until her friend Brynn suggests they go skydiving next week instead. Now every gentle breeze sends her libido soaring and she can no longer control her urges. Brynn knows what she's going through- she's the same way and she insists the best thing Amber can do is go with the flow and have some fun for a while.

Explicit- This 7500 word story contains mind control, self-pleasure, three way public sex, and two women who just can't get enough.

I sat impatiently at a table at the Bakery Patio Cafe waiting for Brynn. The entire morning had been a disaster. I had masturbated in nearly every room of the house, cleaned nothing, cooked nothing, and accomplished nothing. When it came time to get dressed my closet had loomed at me like a monster waiting to devour me. I finally settled on a pair of yellow workout shorts that barely skimmed the bottom of my ass coupled with a matching bikini top. I couldn't bring myself to wear a shirt. Or panties. I looked like I was going to the beach.

Now Brynn was running late. It was already 12:15 and I felt like I was going crazy. Every gentle breeze set my lust fevered body shivering. I was rubbing my thighs together and desperately resisting the urge to shove my hand down my shorts when Brynn sauntered up to the table.

She was wearing a white micro skirt with pink flowers stitched into it. Her stomach was completely bare until you got to the Hello Kitty halter top. It didn't even come down to her navel and the neck line skimmed her nipples. She dropped into the chair opposite me and one hand immediately went to her lap.

"Hey Amber! Wow, you got it bad, huh? You look like me a week ago! Trust me, it's way better if you wear a skirt and just go with the flow."

I lost the battle with my willpower and shoved a hand down my shorts. It felt divine. "You knew this would happen to me, didn't you? When we went skydiving?"

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