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Buck Johnson: Drive's End

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A dragon drive is a grueling and chancy undertaking – far tougher than trailing longhorns to Kansas City. So when Buck, Snort, and Skeeter approach the drive’s end at Skrintax, they’re looking for a big paycheck and a little fun. But the Terullian Karposh reappears and throws some obstacles in their path. Still, after some ingenious planning on bootleg vendor Quincy Poindexter’s part, it all works out in the end . . .

Think of "Star Trek," "The Rounders," and a little "Lonesome Dove" all shaken together and poured out, and you’ll have some idea of what you’re about to taste when you step into Buck Johnson’s life. It’s a wild mix of Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Western, and Science Fiction.

“Buck Johnson: Drive’s End” is the fourth Buck Johnson short story (approximately 5,000 words).

Be sure and check out the first story titled “Buck Johnson, Dragon Wrangler.”

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