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what do we do when we find out that those we think we elect as our country’s leaders are in fact just pawns for some higher echelon? that they are in fact members of a centuries old and very secret organization whose main goal is to maintain the planet, keep control of population and their use of all its’ resources by any means that are necessary, even if these eugenic purifying and cleansing methods are murderous beyond belief.

when a ventilation engineer overhears a secret conversation, and when looking to see where the voices are coming from, even though he can hardly believe his eyes, espies exactly who it was behind such recognisable voices, he takes photographs and records their evil intentions.

those right at the very top were conspiring to purposely murder hundreds of thousands of british people by using a sunken wartime ship and make all it look accidental. and over in the united states the elimination of ninety percent of the population through chemical warfare, covering their actions by blaming it on war and terrorism. and on an even wider scale, to murder many billions of innocent people worldwide.

but when those arranging these murderous deeds are at the people in the highest of positions, just who can he tell to prevent it happening?

suddenly finding himself on the run for a murder he did not commit, his family; friends; colleagues, everyone close to him placed in extreme danger, he tries to alert the population of the impending disaster and save many lives.

laughed at and mocked by the media who do not believe him, he has to just sit and watch the worst disaster ever known in britain unfold before his very eyes.

just who were these strange men in black robes who were known as the ‘knights of silence’? and just how can he avoid being ‘cleansed’ by them as he tries to protect those he loves.

as he loses all those around him to these deadly assassins, he enlists the help of his wife’s sister to help him track down and try to expose this secret sect, and hopefully get back from them what they have taken from his family.

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