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Seduced by the Celebrity 3, Need

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After Chloe learns that Ben has been cheating on her, she has to make a hard decision. It doesn't help that sexy Finn Harrison is in the wings, literally, waiting for her. With opening night approaching, Chloe knows she must first take care of herself, and then the reward will be that much sweeter. And hotter. But will Finn wait for her? Explicit material. 18 and older 12,000+ words

A sneak peak of what's inside:
“Do you have any idea how sexy it was to watch you at breakfast?” he breathed in her ear, scooting close to her.
“No. Tell me.”
Finn let out a little groan
“All I could think about was sliding my hand up your skirt,” as he spoke, he ran his hand up her bare thigh.
Chloe moaned, squeezing her eyes shut.
“You’re not stopping me,” Finn whispered as his hand traveled higher still.
“I don’t want to stop you,” Chloe managed to say.
That was all Finn needed to hear. His hand moved higher up her thigh, until it slid under the soft folds of her skirt. He massaged the delicate skin of her inner thigh, allowing his fingers to caress the flesh that he rarely saw.
Chloe bit her lip and bucked against the car seat as Finn slid his hand against her silk underwear. His fingers were strong and purposeful and they moved against her sex, keeping the barrier of flimsy silk between them.
Finally, he pulled her panties aside and his fingers brushed against her trembling sex. The wait had been well worth it and Chloe tried to stop herself from crying out as she felt Finn’s hand move against her.
“Chloe,” Finn whispered in her ear, as he opened her up and began to rub her clit. He rubbed Chloe in firm circular motions, and Chloe buried her face into Finn’s neck as she gasped from the pleasure.

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