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The Little Book of Yin: Cultivating More Stillness, Gentleness and Healing into Our Daily Lives

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The purpose of this book is to encourage and support the process of bringing more stillness, gentleness, and healing into your daily life. Most of us live in a very busy and hectic world; even our 'time out' periods are often filled with more 'doing' than 'being.' This book uses the theory of Yin and Yang to explain a way to 'be' in this world with more ease and grace.

It also explores WHY we must learn to respect and syncronize lifestyles with yin and yang for the benefit of our mental and physical health.

It provides a list of practical ways to bring more peace into our daily lives by exploring

- Meditation
- Gentle yoga
- Yoga Nidra
- Acupuncture
- Bodywork
- Breathe Awareness

If you're struggling to find peace in your life or have a hard time just relaxing then, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of this book.

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