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The Theatre of the Apocalypse: Omnibus Edition Part 1-8

736 pages10 hours


One day an unknown author sends a manuscript to a journalist. It begins with the words This story is about how a young man began to smile again. The manuscript describes the highly noted Iacobi Affair involving the famous business magnate August Iacobi and the gifted criminal Ludwig Norén.

With his notes the journalist publishes the manuscript and we are taken into the heart of the Affair.

August ́s wife Victoria is found murdered after discovering a 400-year old code inside the world ́s most valuable artwork, the Sapphire Box of Edfu, at Vienna ́s art museum. August hires Ludwig to help him investigate. The code reveals the path to a lost temple where the first book ever written is buried with a secret that stretches back thousands of years to ancient Egypt.

They steal the Sapphire Box and a furious hunt follows. Chased by the police and Victoria ́s killers they escape on a secret pilgrimage path to the temple, paved with codes that winds through the old cities of Italy. As they race along the path they are stunned when it leads to codes in the floor mosaic in the Siena Cathedral and in masterpieces by Botticelli, Raphael and Caravaggio - all leading to the lost temple ́s great mystery.

Unless they can find it in time the secret will be lost together with all hope for August and Ludwig.

From Swedish author UD Sandberg comes The Theatre of the Apocalypse, a thriller that explores the consequences and the hopelessness upon the death of loved ones and the willingness to sacrifice all.

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