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The Divine Heart of God the Father Consecration and Prayer Book: 2nd edition

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In the second edition of the Consecration and Prayer Book of the Divine Heart of God the Father, full details are given about the Consecration (Seal) Prayer to the Father, together with pictures of the actual diptych, revealed, ecumenical icon of the Father's Divine Heart. The crucial meaning of the Father's Seal for the individual soul, in our times, is explained, with information about how to maintain and renew the Seal. The desires of the Father's Divine Heart and aims of the devotion are outlined. The formal prayer format for cenacles to the Divine Heart is given, together with the Almighty Father's attached promises of grace. These cenacles have been requested by God the Father, to be held by all individuals, families, communities, and societies, so that the world returns to live in His Divine Will and the era of peace ensues on earth.

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