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All Directions: A Little Bit of Everything

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"I have given life to stories so my loved ones could live on (my son, mother and baby cousin). I have molded tales slowly into existence because of feeling trapped by my life and work. Novels have poured from my pen so that I might explore different outcomes for random thoughts and dreams. I have given loved ones, who have passed away, an outlet in which to be heard and I've had the pleasure of sharing my scribbled notes on the changes in my life such as: marriage, becoming a mother, falling in love, feeling alone, or the pure joy of hearing “I love you” from a child with scrawny arms clinging to my neck.”

Some of the stories in this anthology showcase characters I have created, but the spirit and personality for which they exist is a reflection of my loved ones. For example, my daughter is the basis for a post-apocalyptic warrior in a fantasy story and my mother's spirit guides us with her wisdom and gives direction to my words and my life, even in death.

"So, do you see? Stories are all around us just waiting to be shared. They can come from anywhere, from anyone and any situation". From a young child with the fascination of dragons, Amazons and knights, to an adult faced with real-life triumphs and heartbreaks. Every experience brings forth raw emotion and immeasurable gifts that I now would like to share with all of you.

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