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Lights, Camera, Anal! (First Time Anal / Sex Machine)

28 pages26 minutes


Young college student Tiffany desperately needs money to continue her college career. Her adventurous roommate talks her into starring in a porn film, after informing her that she will only have to ride a sex machine, rather than perform with a bunch of strange men.

Expecting to spend a few embarrassing hours strapped to a vibrator, Tiffany thinks she's found the answer to her money woes. But she soon discovers that she's in for more than she bargained for when the sex machine forces her to orgasm even as it violates her anal virginity!

This 7,000 word erotic story contains titillating scenes of vacuum play, tight bondage, vibrator play, powerful sex machines, bizarre and elaborate dildos, forced orgasms, filmed humiliation, and detailed first time anal sex!

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