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Texas Shrugged

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What if the Founding Fathers passed down a secret set of instructions designed to aid the people of the United States in a time of crisis? A time when the size and scope of the Federal Government had grown to such bloated proportions that the very Republic was in jeopardy. What if that time of crisis is today, manifested in President Obama himself? Texas Shrugged is a fictional novel about a Texas secession movement and a partnership formed between the Governor of Texas and the heirs of the Founders to return the United States to her original ideals. The Texas secession movement is structured after the teachings of Gandi and begins peacefully even after Obama sends in the Army. What's amazing are the reactions of readers. In the end, are you routing for Obama and our own Federal Government or for an underground Texas secession movement and ten million people who simply want to be left alone? Texas Shrugged, ultimately, is a lesson in liberty designed to wake up today's brain dead and perhaps even a few Democrats!

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