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By all appearances, Jade Sheffield has it all; a successful legal career, intelligence, beauty...but a shadowy side of her personality has always lurked behind the facade, threatening to eclipse her otherwise conventional life.
When she falls for high profile Gold Coast surgeon, Angelo Morley, she becomes tangled in the web of his deceit and shady underworld dealings. Discovering his only interest is to use her as a pawn in his latest scam, her yearning for revenge tips her even further into a snare of unpremeditated murder and panic driven self-preservation.
But her crime is discovered by the person closest to her. Can she kill a second time in cold blood to protect herself - and risk losing herself to the darkness forever...

Revenge is indeed a strong motivator. But when coupled with what is arguably the worst of the deadly sins: greed, the resultant mixture is an explosive concoction. In Lea Scott’s Eclipsed, not only are the elements blended but the fuse is set and lit.
Ian Jay, Book Reviewer ABC Saturday Reads

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