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Quick Guide II: How to Spot, Mimic and Become a Top Salesperson

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Over and above exemplary sales achievements how do ‘you’ (by ‘you’ I mean: you, me, us, we) spot a top salesperson when you meet one? If you want to sell as well as they do or be just like them, how would you go about it? If you were to ask the same questions and give the same answers as they do, would that be enough?
No, because you bring your own personality and mannerisms into the equation. ‘Acting as if’ helps pave the way but there’s something about how top salespeople come across to customers. It requires the wisdom and will to mimic how they sell as well as the sales process they follow (the ‘what they do differently’, see Quick Guide - How Top Salespeople Sell ). In fact, if you really do want to become and stay a top salesperson, it’s vital!

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