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Rage: A Male-Male Vampire Erotica

28 pages23 minutes


Peter can't help himself, the second he catches a glimpse of sexy vampire Rage at a kegger, he is under his spell. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, Peter follows the sensual demon deep into the canyons of Utah and away from the protection of the party.

But Rage has other things on his mind than food. The bite that has so captured Peter has captured him too and with much more lasting effects.

Sneak Peek (Edited for language - not edited in the book):

"Vampire," I breathed. And I saw his shock again in his eyes, then the slight narrowing of his brow. I was guessing it angered him that I'd guessed it. I don't know how I could read that. He wasn't used to being read.

"You know my kin."

"Vampires don't exist," I said lamely. Obviously they exist if I am staring one in the face, my thoughts countered.

"Who are you?" he breathed, his voice dancing down my spine like a lover's hand.

"Peter Drason," I responded, like it mattered what my name was.

"I am drawn to you like I have never been drawn to anyone, Peter Drason, I ask you again. Who are you?"

"Dude, I am just a senior in college, just a guy. You're the vampire. You tell me if you think I'm something else."

"Mea necessitate," he breathed, and I was pulled to him, my body lining with his. It was as though his words had wrapped around me and pulled me into his chest.

"F***, what the h*** was that?" I gasped, shoving backwards.

***Warning: This 4,900 word short story contains graphic sexual encounters between two males. Not intended for those under 18 or the weak of heart.***

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