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Roman Charity 2: Four More Tales of Erotic Lactation

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This is a compilation of four previously published novelettes: Gretchen’s Twins, The Milk Thief, Ménage á Milk, and Milk Addict.

Total length is 66,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: These stories feature graphic sex, erotic lactation, oral sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, sex with dubious consent, some bondage and discipline themes, and non-consensual voyeurism. Strong language and adult only content.

Gretchen’s Twins:
Charlie loves the fact his wife’s tits ballooned up two sizes when she got pregnant and gave birth to twins. He loves the fact he can continue to keep her tits big as long as he continues to nurse from them when their offspring finally give up on breast milk. But life for the couple quickly becomes strange and confusing when they bring in others to enjoy Gretchen’s wonderful twins.

The Milk Thief:
After seventeen years Duncan runs into his old high school girlfriend. Her tits are bigger than ever and after starting an affair with this now married woman he discovers why: she and her husband are in an adult nursing relationship. Duncan decides he needs to share in the life-giving milk that now flows from Ophelia’s wonderful breasts. He is literally stealing milk from his married rival’s mouth.

Ménage á Milk:
Jeremy is lucky enough to bed two wonderful women in college a situation only slightly complicated seeing as they were roommates. The trio worked well together in all aspects of their sex lives until the end of college approached and Isabella made a bold suggestion to keep the trio together based on the power of her breasts and milk.

Milk Addict:

William is a depressed man who discovers something that can lift him out of his depression: mother’s milk. The trouble is finding a woman who is willing to let him consume her breast milk is exceedingly difficult. William will do almost anything to find a woman who is willing to feed his addiction.

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