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God's Child

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T-The story of Faith's journey
H-heralds you into a post-life
E-experience like no other. The
U-ultimate test of unconditional
L-love. A true love that will
T-take you into Jesus' arms.
I-"I Can Only Imagine", by
M-Mercy Me, sparked my imagination
A-asking what will I do?
T-Take this journey with faith and
E-experience her vision of heaven.
L-Love will wash away your sins,
O-overcome death, and will bring you
V-veritably to the thrown of God.
E-Experience God's Child.

Do you believe in heaven? Faith was a Christian, but was also confused about her post-life beliefs until her death angel took her to Paradise Pasture, a holding area, before entering heaven.

P-Pretend for a moment you
A-arrive in heaven. Are you
R-ready for a post-life
A-adventure? What will you see,
D-do, experience? Faith's journey will
I-invite you into her paradise.
S-Suppose for a moment that
E-everything you've done in your
P-previous life has been expunged?
A-Are you worthy of the
S-splendor, and majesty? Are there
T-truly angels to guide you
U-uninhibitedly through paradise? Will you
R-reach your end destination of
E-experiencing Jesus face to face?

What will you do?

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