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Passionate Plea

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Outlaw Sammy Page has no recollection of his life before waking in The Buckskin Canyon nudist camp, being nursed back to health by the voluptuously sexy camp founder, Dr. Alexandria Rose, after she found him unconscious on the property. He's unaware that he has a wife and daughter waiting at home. He doesn't know that authorities discovered a man and wife brutally murdered in a house with a lonely light burning after he drove off with their luxury liner. He doesn't yet know that there's been a nationwide all points bulletin issued to shoot on sight. He's heard the developing story on the radio, but he doesn't even remember his own name.

Sammy's past starts to creep into his subconscious and he becomes intrigued with a beautiful goddess in his dreams and visions of her interfere with the intimate advances from the shapely nudist camp founder, Dr. Alexandria Rose. When Sammy finally recognizes that the goddess in his vision and dreams is his wife, Marla, it opens the floodgates of memories of his past life.

Sammy quickly regains his wits and sophistication, easily slipping past the authority's surveillance on his home to spend time with Marla. Law enforcement, including three detectives Sammy has known since childhood, become increasingly desperate to make an arrest. They trump up charges to incarcerate Marla for obstruction of justice and seek a court order to remove Anita from the home. The thought of his girls apart and suffering drives him to turn himself into authorities on the condition that they release them from custody. "To say I love her doesn't quite cut it, when I would give my life many times over for just the touch of her hand." His attorney fights for him in a court of law while Sammy is behind bars and fighting just to stay alive to stand trial, where the state seeks the death penalty against him.

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