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Non Zombie II

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From Garrett Robinson, author of the surprisingly popular novella, "Non Zombie".

Cliff was just an ordinary nerd in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. He saw all the movies, read all the comics, and knew how to handle himself. But despite his best efforts, one day he got bit. He woke as a zombie - but not really. He was still in control of himself, and could still think, though he had no idea why he didn't turn like everyone else.

After already defending his family from threats both undead and human, Cliff, Cheryl and Luke now face a new threat: civilization. The military has begun organizing and trying to re-establish order in the world. But as everyone whose seen zombie movies knows, once people enter the equation, so does power, and those will kill to obtain it...

This sequel to the raucously funny novella "Non Zombie" continues examining a post apocalyptic landscape from the insolent viewpoint of a gamer nerd who's spent his whole life preparing for the end of the world.

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