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Home of the Brave

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Home of the Brave is a compilation of short stories by Mary Doucet. Included in Home of the Brave is He Said Drive!, When in Rome, and Black Ops.

He Said Drive!: Gemma, a mother of two, was climbing into her SUV after working the night shift. She is jolted into reality when four men jump into her SUV and demand she drive at gun point. The story continues with a harrowing tale of betrayal and heroism. Will she make it to safety?

When in Rome: Rachel is a newly divorced mother of three grown children, and after her husband left her, she decided to take the Italian vacation she always wanted. She met a fantastic man, Bain. She was having a lot of fun getting to know him, but he is keeping a secret, a secret that could get them both killed.

Black Ops: Rita is a high school senior with a bright future ahead of her. She is suddenly thrust into a world she was not a part of. Her father, a Marine, was killed-in-action, while assisting the CIA, worlds away. Now these same people are hunting her down, for unknown reasons. Can she discover the truth in time?

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