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A Quick Guide to “The Tale of Genji”

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It is believed that “The Tale of Genji” was delivered to aristocratic women, the yokibito, in installments, so the book may have also been written chapter by chapter in installments.

The book has many elements of a modern novel. There is a central character and various major and minor characters. There is well developed characterization of all the major characters.

The book has a sequence of events which cover the central character’s lifetime and beyond.

There is no plot, but the characters evolve as they grow old, as the events continue to take place in their lives.

The most noticeable element of the book is its internal consistency, though there are about four hundred characters in the book.

A Quick Guide to “The Tale of Genji”
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Background
Chapter Three: About Authorship
Chapter Four: Plot Summary
Chapter Five: Structure
Chapter Six: Critical Analysis
Chapter Seven: Legacy

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