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My Desert Rose

218 pages3 hours


Love, romance, suspense, kidnapping, weddings and humour - could you ask for anything more?

I mean, who gets kidnapped from a wedding by a powerful, wealthy Sheikh who needs your help to stop the theft of his oil ships by Somali pirates? Erm, is my name on the guest list?

Katie Sharpe is your normal sedate photographer until Tariq el-Tayeb lands in her world with an offer that she can't refuse. What they don't expect is the unfolding events, which will separate them and lead them on an adventure of personal discovery. Can they overcome the surmounting odds, stay alive and reunite?

Tariq el-Tayeb thinks he has her in the palm of his hand, but everything changes when she slips through it and is taken from him. The journey to getting her back is not guaranteed and he has to prove that love, does indeed, conquer all.

The second book in the 'Unbreakable Bond' series.

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