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Finished to Begin

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Can you imagine what it means to have a husband who never apologizes? Yet, he is always sticking his shoes into his mouth. The book Finished to Begin is rich with stories of domestic abuse, violence and custody hearings. It talks about the utter frustration with the separation from my biological family. Moving from Louisiana after my husband's graduation to the Motor city, Detroit was like a death sentence. Living in the city depressed me so that daily I sat on the bed and wondered if the gun would to go off if I pulled the trigger. I didn't know who to get rid of; me or my husband.
Many mental hospitals beds were occupied by me. But thank God, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In spite of the physical and mental abuse that was prevalent I came out without a scratch. I am ever grateful that I surrendered my life to Christ. I know because He was with me throughout all of my troubles. After all these years I managed to find myself in a good place. My faith in God is what brought me through hunger and poverty in the big city. A relationship with God brought me through many days of being isolated and alone.
The book deals with the lost custody of my children and the agony and pain I endured. It cost two trips to jail and much embarrassment. But I threw myself into the work of the church and that gave me a new lease on life. The relationship with the children was never as it was when they were so cruelly taken away from me. Yet, I understand.
Then in the mist of my troubles God sent an angel to take care of me, my second husband. He was the light at the end of the tunnel. He treated me with more love and respect than I deserved. I enjoyed eighteen years of marriage to a man that I cherished. I experienced the joys of marriage as God intended for it to be.
This is a story that you may not believe but it is true. When I look back on my life today, I realized that I have perfect peace. I have no lack in my life at all. That is because Jesus is the anchor of my soul. If you are going through the same kinds of difficulties, give your life to the one who gave it to you in the beginning.
The book ends on a sad note because it ends with the love of my life dying. I was just finishing to begin.

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