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A Partisan Art

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Europe, 1994. Not the Cold War, not the Millenium. Not the recession, not the tech boom. Not waiting, not knowing.

Mykhailo Perekhrest is a Ukrainian veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan. As the floodgates of change opened up across Eastern Europe he found himself washed up against the Czech-German border, smuggling goods. Its a predictable business, but Mykhailo doesn't know that his mercurial boss will bring into being a chain of events that will take him across Bohemia and into the Bosnian war-zone.

Priya Auclair is a London pub manager by day and an activist by night. She and her CeSa movement are always a step ahead of the Metropolitan police until she falls for a security guard. When it all gets too much she takes a break in the Czech Republic - but this move places her directly in the path of Mykhailo and his ambitions.

By the mid-1990s Europe was still in flux. Half of the population was emerging from austere communism and social norms were constantly being redefined - but, as the bloody war in Bosnia reminded, deciding when to be partisan to one's beliefs and when to let go is a certain art.

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