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Hi! My Name Is Karma

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With the world in financial crisis and Americans out of work, two close friends, Raymond and Tony, have seen their lives fall apart. From living the middle-class dream, they lost their jobs, lost their homes and felt little hope for a better tomorrow...that is until they decided to get involved with a lucrative child smuggling operation run by a ruthless businessman named Mr. Whan.

With the advent of American teens and children as the new international underground/underworld must have property, men like Raymond and Tony have been selling out their own citizens for a chance to make enough money to live comfortably. Unknown to them, Mr. Whan has a unique client in Lord Relufic – a demon who uses the kidnapped children for unknown purposes – who is primarily responsible for the wealth of Mr. Whan and the rise in child kidnappings across America.

Requiring just one more kid to make their $500,000 goal, Raymond and Tony stumble upon a unique little girl named Karma. Though small and innocent looking, this little girl will change not only the lives of Raymond and Tony, but in time, the entire operation of Mr. Whan and Relufic.

'Hi! My Name is Karma' takes the current realities of broken American
middle-class dreams, religious dogma, class warfare and social responsibility to fictionally question the boundaries of what people are willing to do to achieve a better life at the detriment of others. It's a surprisingly poignant, yet violent and disturbing, journey into the darker crevices of humanity and greed. This is merely story one of only gets crazier here on out!

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