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Trademark Protection and Prosecution

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A comprehensive book on trademarks, including sample agreements, forms and checklists, such as: trademark ownership and license agreements, assignment of service marks and trademarks, infringement complaint and demand letters, company logo spec sheets, FBNS checklist, USPTO trademark application forms, name searches, process flowcharts, post-registration timelines, and much more.

Look Inside: Trademark Intelligence, Overview of Trademark Law, Trademark Program, Trademark Protections, Trademark Infringement, Trade Dress, Trade Name, Trademark Prosecution Process, The Drawing Page, Foreign Registrations, Trademark Maintenance, Trademark Portfolio, Trademarks and Licensing, Trademark Assignments, and Trademark Enforcement.

Because trademark rights in the U.S. are based on use, when a trademark is not used or is used incorrectly, even for a relatively short periods of time without justification, the mark may be deemed abandoned. Once abandoned, others may adopt and use the mark. Avoid the risk of loss of rights!

Company trademarks are valuable assets and should be treated with care. Due to misuse, some once-famous marks are now common, everyday terms used to identify products generically, rather than the sources of those products, and the owners of those marks have been essentially stripped of their trademark rights, e.g., aspirin, harmonica, linoleum, escalator and zipper.

Powerful New Voice: Her second how-to and do-it-yourself book, Carrington's writing is remarkably accomplished, and through her expertise, she manages to give voice to struggling entrepreneurs and small business owners searching for the American dream and then helping them keeping it alive.

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