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Dr. Ian Blythe’s job is to heal physical and emotional wounds.

A tough enough assignment under normal circumstances, but Dr. Blythe does not deal in ‘normal’, for the human girls he helps all have one thing in common: werewolves. Immoral werewolves have victimized every girl under his care.

As if that is not difficult enough, he also must insure that the very existence of werewolves is kept secret from the general public.

However, when Lily White is brought in, a girl who suffered some of the worst abuses imaginable, Dr. Blythe must not only help her heal, but also convince her that not all werewolves are horrible, uncaring, vicious beasts.

He has to show her that some werewolves can be trusted because this time he has a personal stake in the outcome.


“Broken” is a werewolf romance novelette (about 19,000 words). It is part of a series, but no other books need to be read in order to understand the events in “Broken.” Other books in the “Wolves Among Us” series include “The Chase,” a short story, and more are coming soon, including a sequel to "Broken."

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