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Updated modern English version of the Holy Koran. Totally re-edited and translated to allow English speaking readers to understand the classical Koranic verse.

Top quality eBook version with properly formatted verse and chapters.

Avoids the stilted antiquated language of other English translations.

The purpose of this work is to provide the English speaking reader with an easily readable version of the Koran. I have always found it curious that most previous English translations of the Koran adopt a linguistic affectation of the King James Version of the Christian Bible in an attempt to give their edition an affectation of religious or biblical flavor. The archaic sixteenth-century English of King James does a disservice to the Classical Arabic original Koran when read by a modern reader. Other available versions of the Koran in English carry a stilted, imprecise English more appropriate for a Bollywood movie. The words of the Prophet Mohammed and his God should not be in the stilted voice of a Shakespearean era Anglican cleric or a inarticulate English voice. The unnecessarily confusing language of most Koranic translations leads to misunderstanding of basic concepts and difficulty in study by modern English readers. Just as modern, revised versions of the Christian Bible have become a standard for Bible study, it was felt that a more modern version of the Koran would serve Western readers. One thing we have kept from the archaic biblical English format is the capitalization of pronouns referring to God. It seems to give clarity to many massages when the deity is speaking of himself, especially in the Arabic translation, where pronouns are highly repetitive. We also use the first person plural “We” when the deity speaks of himself, since the original Arabic clearly has God speaking of himself in the plural pronoun and verb form. While it remains a tenet of the Muslim faith that study of the Koran should be in the classic Arabic, the reality is that many would-be readers of the Koran have no knowledge of Arabic and little grasp of King James’ vernacular and, thus, the need for this work.
Irrespective of our intent to give a modern English voice to the Koran, it must be recognized that Classical Arabic is a lyrical, structured language, quite different from English. And, there are parts of the Koran that are best described as free-form poetry and the form, function and meaning of those passages would be lost if simply translated to prose English. In such sections of the Koran, both the short, lyrical verse and in the lengthy supplications and prayers, we have kept the structure of the original Arabic and translated the words so as to best evoke the original meaning. In other sections, such as stories, instructions, laws and histories, we have adopted a modern, prose paragraph format. We have kept the verse numbering of the original, made the numbering of verses less intrusive on the reading and less conspicuous. We have also followed the predominant method of not numbering the opening supplication in each chapter as a verse. The Surahs have been renamed as Chapters and their title is given in both Arabic and English.

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Chapter 1 -- Al-Fatihah -- The Opening

In the name of God, the Kind, the Merciful.

¹. All praise is due to God, the Lord of the Worlds

². The Kind, the Merciful, the

³. Master of the Day of Judgment.

⁴. You do we serve and You do we seek out for assistance.

⁵. Keep us on the right path.

⁶. The path of those upon whom You have given favors. May we not be on the path of those upon whom Your displeasure is brought down, nor of those who are lost.

Chapter 2 -- Al-Baqarah -- The Cow

In the name of God, the Kind, the Merciful.

¹. Aliph. Lam. Mim. (I am God who knows all)

². This Book, there is no doubt of it, is a guide to those who guard against evil.

³. Those who believe in the unseen and keep up prayer and give in return that which we have given them.

⁴. And those who believe in that which has been revealed to you and that which was revealed before you and they are sure of the hereafter.

⁵. These are on a right course from their Lord and it is these who shall be successful.

⁶. For those who disbelieve, it makes no difference whether you warn them, or do not warn them, for they will not believe.

⁷. God has set a lock upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there will be a great punishment in store for them.

⁸. And there are some people who say, We believe in God and the last day; but they are not at all believers.

⁹. They desire to deceive God and those who believe, and they deceive only themselves, but they do not realize it.

¹⁰. There is a disease in their hearts, so God added to their disease and they shall have a painful punishment for their lies.

¹¹. And when it is said to them, Do not make disorder on the earth, they say, We are but peace-makers.

¹². Now certainly they themselves are the cause of disorder, but they do not recognize this.

¹³. And when it is said to them, Believe as the people believe, they say, Shall we believe as the fools believe? Now, certainly they, themselves, are the fools, but they do not know this.

¹⁴. And when they meet those who believe, they say, We believe; and when they are alone with their conspirators, they say, Certainly we are with you, we were only joking.

¹⁵. God shall pay them back for their frivolity, and He shall leave them alone in their chaos, blindly wandering on.

¹⁶. There are those who accept error instead of guidance, so their bargain shall bring no profit, nor are they the followers of the right direction.

¹⁷. Their story is like the story of one who kindled a fire but when it had illuminated all around him, God took away their light, and left them in utter darkness -- they do not see.

¹⁸. Deaf, dumb and blind, they cannot return to the path.

¹⁹. Or like the rain laden cloud in which is utter darkness and thunder and lightning; they put their fingers into their ears because of the thunder peal, for fear of death, and God surrounds the unbelievers.

²⁰. The lightning almost takes away their sight; whenever it flashes for them they walk in the light, and when it becomes dark to them they stand still; and if God had cared to He would certainly have taken away their hearing and their sight; certainly God has power over all things.

²¹. Oh men! Serve your Lord Who created you and your ancestors so that you may guard against evil.

²². Who made the earth a resting place for you and the heaven a canopy and Who sends down rain from the cloud then brings forth from it fruits as subsistence for you; therefore do not set up rivals to God while you know.

²³. And if you are in doubt as to that which We have revealed to Our servant, then take a chapter like this and call on your helpers besides God if you are truthful.

²⁴. But if you do not do ii and if you never shall do it, then be on your guard against the fire of which men and the earth shall be the fuel; which is prepared for the unbelievers.

²⁵. And convey good news to those who believe and do good deeds, that they shall have gardens in which rivers flow; whenever they shall be given a portion of the fruit thereof, they shall say, This is what was given to us before; and similar gifts shal be brought to them, and they shall have pure mates in the gardens, and in them, they shall abide."

²⁶. God is certainly not ashamed to give an example -- that of a mosquito or anything above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and as for those who disbelieve, they say, What is it that God means by this story: He causes many to err by it and many He leads to the right with it! But God allows only the transgressors to be in error.

²⁷. The losers are those who break the covenant of God after its confirmation and tear apart what God has ordered to be joined, and cause disorder in the land.

²⁸. How can you deny God for you were dead and He gave you life? Once again, He will cause you to die and will again bring you to life, then you shall be brought back to Him.

²⁹. It is He Who created for you all that is in the earth, and He turned his attention to heaven, and He made them complete as seven heavens, and He knows all things.

³⁰. And when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to place in the earth a king. They said, What? Will You place on earth those who would cause disorder and shed blood, and we glorify you and proclaim Your holiness? He said, You see, I know something you do not know.

³¹. And He taught Adam the names of all things, afterward God presented these things to the angels. And then He said to the angels, Tell me the names of those if you think are right.

³². They said, Glory be to You! We have no knowledge but that which You have taught us. Certainly You are the Knowing, the Wise.

³³. God said, Oh Adam! Inform the angels of the names. Then when he had informed them of the names, God said, "Did I not say to you that I certainly know the secrets in the heavens and the earth and that I know what you reveal and what you conceal?

³⁴. And when We said to the angels, ‘Be obedient to Adam’ they obeyed, but Iblis did not obey. He refused and he was proud, and he was became of the unbelievers."

³⁵. And We said, Oh Adam! Dwell in the garden with your wife and eat from it the plentiful food wherever you wish, but do not approach this one tree, for then you will be of the unjust.

³⁶. But the Satan caused both of them to fail, and caused them to depart from that state in which they were; and We said, Get forth, some of you being the enemies of others, and there is a place for you on earth and a provision for a time.

³⁷. Then Adam learned certain words of prayer from the Lord, so He showed them mercy; and certainly God often shows mercy, He is the Merciful.

³⁸. We said, "Go away, all of you., from this place; and guidance will most assuredly come to you from Me. Then, whoever follows My guidance, they will not fear and will not grieve. ³⁹. And as to those who disbelieve in and reject My words, they shall be the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide.

⁴⁰. Oh children of Israel! Recognize My favor which I have bestowed on you and be faithful to your covenant with Me, I will fulfill My covenant with you; and your fears should be of Me, and only me.

⁴¹. And believe in what I have revealed, verifying that which has already been given to you, and do not be the first to deny it. And do not take a small price in exchange for My words; and your fears should be of Me, and only me.

⁴². And do not mix up the truth with the lies, nor knowingly hide the truth.

⁴³. And observe your prayers and pay gifts to the poor and bow down with those who bow down.

⁴⁴. What! Do you urge other men to be good and neglect yourself, while you read the Book. Can you not understand?

⁴⁵. And seek assistance through patience and prayer, and this is a difficult thing except for those who are humble,

⁴⁶. Do you know that you shall meet your Lord and that you shall return to Him.

⁴⁷. Oh children of Israel! think of My gifts which I have given you and that I made first amongst all the nations.

⁴⁸. And be on your guard against a day when one soul shall not serve as a substitute for another in the least, neither shall advocacy on the others behalf be allowed, nor shall any ransom be accepted for it, nor shall they be helped.

⁴⁹. And when We delivered you from Pharoah's people, who had subjected you to severe torment, killing your sons and let your women folk live. That was a great trial for you from your Lord.

⁵⁰. And when We parted the sea for you and We saved you and drowned the followers of Pharoah as you watched.

⁵¹. And when We promised Moses a period of forty nights, but in his absence you took a calf for a god and you were violators of my law.

⁵². Then We forgave you afterward and gave you an opportunity to be grateful

⁵³. And then We gave Moses the Book and the choice between right and wrong and there was a chance for you to be guided to the right.

⁵⁴. And when Moses said to his people, "Oh my people! You have indeed been unfair to yourselves by worshiping the calf for a god, therefore turn in repentance to your Creator, and kill the evil people, and that will be better for you in the eyes of your Creator. And God turned to you mercifully, for, indeed, He frequently turns to mercy, the Merciful.

⁵⁵. And when you said, "Oh Moses! we will not believe in you until we actually see God, so the thunder and lightning dazed you while you looked on.

⁵⁶. Then We raised you up after your death and you had the chance to be grateful.

⁵⁷. And We made the clouds to give you shade and We gave you delicacies and quails, Eat of the good things that We have given you. But their rebellion did not do Us any harm, but they suffered the loss in their own souls.

⁵⁸. And when We said, Enter this city, then eat from it a plentiful food wherever you wish, and enter the gate humbly, and seek forgiveness. We will forgive you your faults and give more to those who do good to others.

⁵⁹. But those who were unjust changed the words to other than that which had been spoken to them, so We sent upon those who were unjust a plague from heaven, because they disobeyed.

⁶⁰. And when Moses prayed for drink for his people, We said, Strike the rock with your staff. And there gushed from it twelve springs; each tribe knew its drinking place: Eat and drink of the provisions of God and do not act corruptly and cause disorder in the land.

⁶¹. And when you said, Oh Moses! we cannot survive on one food, therefore pray Lord on our behalf to bring forth for us out of what the earth grows, of its herbs and its cucumbers and its garlic and its lentils and its onions. He said, "Will you exchange that which is better for that which is worse? Enter a city, so you will have what you ask for. And degradation and humiliation were brought down upon them, and they became deserving of God's wrath; this was so because they did not believe the words of God and killed the prophets unjustly; this was so because they disobeyed and exceeded the limits.

⁶². Certainly those who believe in the Koran, and those who are Jewish, and the Christians, and the Copts, whoever believes in God and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

⁶³. And We accepted your promise made before the Mountain. Take hold of the law Torah which We have given you with firmness and bear in mind what is in it, so that you may guard against evil.

⁶⁴. Then you turned back after that; so were it not for the grace of God and His mercy on you, you would certainly have been among the losers.

⁶⁵. And certainly you have known those among you who exceeded the limits of the Sabbath, so We said to them: Be as apes, despised and hated.

⁶⁶. So We made them an example to those who witnessed it and those who came after it, and an admonition to those who guard against evil.

⁶⁷. And when Moses said to his people, Certainly God commands you that you should sacrifice a cow; they said, Do you ridicule us? He said, I seek the protection of God from being one of the ignorant.

⁶⁸. They said, Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what she is. Moses said, He says, Certainly she is a cow neither advanced in age nor too young, or in between and this; therefore do what you are commanded.

⁶⁹. They said, Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what her color is. Moses said, He says, She is most certainly a yellow cow; her color is intensely yellow, delightful to those who see her.

⁷⁰. They said, Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what she is, for certainly to us the cows are all alike, and if God please we shall certainly be guided correctly.

⁷¹. Moses said, He says, Certainly she is a cow who has not been made submissive so that she should plow the land, nor does she irrigate the tilled land; she is sound, without a blemish on her. They said, Now you have brought the truth; so they sacrificed her, though they had not the mind to do it.

⁷². And when you killed a man, then you disagreed with respect to that, and God was to bring forth that which you were going to hide.

⁷³. So We said, Hit the dead body with part of the Sacrificed cow, That is how God brings the dead to life, and He shows you His signs so that you may understand.

⁷⁴. Your hearts hardened after that, so that they were like rocks, Harder than the river rocks where streams flow. And certainly there are some of them which split apart so that water comes out of them, and certainly there are some of them which fall down for fear of God, and God knows what you do.

⁷⁵. Did you then hope that they would believe in you, and some of them, indeed, used to hear the Word of God, then altered the Word of God after it was made known to them, and they know this.

⁷⁶. And when they meet those who believe they say, We believe, But, when they are alone one with another they say, Do you talk to them of what God has disclosed to you that they may fight with you about this before your Lord? Do you not then understand?

⁷⁷. Do they not know that God knows what they keep secret and what they make known?

⁷⁸. And there are among them illiterates who do not know the Book, but only lies, and they merely conjecture.

⁷⁹. Sorrow shall be to those who write a holy book with their hands and then say, This is from God, so that they may sell it for a minimal price; therefore misery and sorrow to those for what their hands have written and sorrow to those for what they earn.

⁸⁰. And they say, Fire shall not touch us except for a few days. Say, Have you received a promise from God. Then God never breaks His promise, or do you speak against God what you do not know?

⁸¹. Yes, whoever does evil and surrounded by his sins, these are the inmates of the fire; in it they shall abide. ⁸². But those who believe and do good works, these shall be the dwellers of Heaven; in it they shall stay.

⁸³. And remember that We made a covenant with the children of Israel, saying, "You shall not serve any but God and you shall do good to your parents, and to the next of kin and to the orphans and the needy, and you shall speak kindly to men and keep up prayer and pay the tithing to the poor. Then all except a few of you turned away and now you, too, turn aside.

⁸⁴. And remember that We made a covenant with you, saying "You shall not shed your blood and you shall not turn people out of your homes; and this you have witnessed.

⁸⁵. Yet you still slay your people and turn some from among you out of their homes, backing up each other against them unlawfully and sinfully. And if they should come to you, as captives you would ransom them -- while their very expulsion was unlawful for you. Do you then believe in a part of the Book and disbelieve in the other? What then is the reward for those among you that do this except disgrace in this current life, and on the day of resurrection they shall be reprimandd most grievously, and God is aware of what you do.

⁸⁶. These are they who prefer the life her today for the life hereafter, and their punishment will be firm and they cannot be helped.

⁸⁷. And most certainly We gave Moses the Book and We sent messengers after him one after another; and We gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear signs and strengthened him with the holy spirit, Whenever then a messenger came to you with that which you yourselves did not desire, you were insolent and you called some liars and some you killed.

⁸⁸. And they say, Our hearts are covered. No, God has cursed them on account of their lack of faith; so little it is that they believe.

⁸⁹. And when there came to them a Book from God verifying that which they have, and before that they used to pray for victory against those who disbelieve, but when a Prophet came to them that they did not recognize, they disbelieved him; so God's curse is on the unbelievers.

⁹⁰. Evil is that for which they have sold their souls -- that they should deny what God has revealed, out of envy that God should send down of His grace on whomsoever of His servants He pleases; so they have made themselves deserving of wrath upon wrath, and there is a disgraceful punishment for the unbelievers.

⁹¹. And when it is said to them, Believe in what God has revealed, they say, We believe in that which was revealed to us; and they deny what is sent down after that, while it is the truth verifying that which they already have. Say, Why then did you kill God's Prophets before if you were indeed believers?

⁹². And most certainly Moses came to you with clear signs, then you took the calf for a god in his absence and you were unjust.

⁹³. And when We made a covenant with you and raised the the Mount before you, saying Hold fast to that which we have given you and be obedient. They said, We hear and disobey. And they were absorbed the love of the calf into their hearts on account of their unbelief, then say, Evil is that which your belief causes you to do, you if you are believers.

⁹⁴. Say, "If living with God in the hereafter is your destiny, to the exclusion of all other people, then you should wish for death, if you are truthful.

⁹⁵. And they will never wish for death it on account of what their hands have done before, and God knows the unjust.

⁹⁶. And these are most certainly the greediest of men for life, greedier than even those who set up other gods befroe God. Every one of them would love that he should be granted a life of a thousand years, but his being granted a long life will in no way protect him from the punishment, and God sees what they do.

⁹⁷. Say, "Whoever is the enemy of Gabriel -- for certainly he revealed it to your heart by God's command, verifying that which was sent before and it is guidance and good news for the believers. ⁹⁸. Whoever is the enemy of God and His angels and His apostles and Gabriel and Michael, so certainly God is the enemy of the unbelievers.

⁹⁹. And certainly We have revealed to you clear words and none disbelieves them except the disobedient.

¹⁰⁰. What! whenever they make a covenant, will some of them throw it aside? No, most of them have no faith

¹⁰¹. And when there came to them a Prophet from God verifying that which they have, some of those who were given the Book threw the Book of God behind their backs as if they knew nothing.

¹⁰². And they followed what the devils chanted of sorcery in the reign of Solomon, and Solomon was not an unbeliever, but the devils disbelieved, they taught men sorcery and that was sent down to the two angels at Babel, Harut and Marut, yet these two taught no man until they had said, Certainly we are only a trial, therefore do not be a disbeliever. Even then men learned from these two, magic by which they might cause a separation between a man and his wife; and they cannot hurt with it anyone except with God's permission, and they learned what harmed them and did not help them, and certainly they know that he who bought it should have no share of good in the hereafter and evil was the price for which they sold their souls, if only they had known this.

¹⁰³. And if they had believed and guarded themselves against evil, reward from God would certainly have been better; if only they had known this.

¹⁰⁴. Oh you who believe! do not say Raina and say Unzurna and listen, and for the unbelievers there is a painful punishment.

¹⁰⁵. Those who disbelieve from among the followers of the Book do not approve or act as the polytheists do, so that the good should be sent down to you from your Lord, and Godspecifically chooses whom He pleases for His mercy, and God is the Lord of immense grace.

¹⁰⁶. Whatever words We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that God has power over all things? ¹⁰⁷. Do you not know that God's is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and that besides God you have no guardian or helper?

¹⁰⁸. If instead you wish to put questions to your Prophet, as Moses was questioned before; and whoever adopts unbelief instead of faith, he indeed has lost the right direction of the way.

¹⁰⁹. Many of the followers of the Book wish that they could turn you back into unbelievers after you found faith, because of their own envy, even after the truth has become known to them; but pardon and forgive them, so that God should bring about His command; certainly God has power over all things.

¹¹⁰. And keep up prayer and pay the tithing for the poor and whatever good you send before for yourselves, you shall find it with God; certainly God sees what you do.

¹¹¹. And they say, None shall enter the garden or paradise except he who is a Jew or a Christian. These are desires of their own vanity. Say, Bring your proof if you are truthful."

¹¹². Yes! whoever submits himself entirely to God and he is the doer of good to others he has his reward from his Lord, and there is no fear for him nor shall he grieve.

¹¹³. And the Jews say, The Christians do not follow anything good and the Christians say, The Jews do not follow anything good while they recite the same Book. Even thus say those who have no knowledge, like to what they say; so God shall judge between them on the day of resurrection regarding their disagreement.

¹¹⁴. And who is more unjust than he who prevents men in places of worship from celebrating God’s name and strives to destroy them? It is proper that they should enter therein without fear. Those who do this are disgraced in this life and shall find great punishment in the Hereafter.

¹¹⁵. And God's is the East and the West, therefore, wherever you turn, there is God's purpose; certainly God giftgiving is bountiful, ALL-Knowing.

¹¹⁶. And they say, God has taken to himself a son. Glory be to Him. rather, whatever is in the heavens and the earth is God’s; all are obedient to Him,

¹¹⁷. the Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth, and when He decides that a thing happen, He only says to it, Be, and so there it is.

¹¹⁸. And those who have no knowledge say, Why does not God speak to us or a sign come to us? They say this as those before them said the likes of what they say; their hearts are all alike. Indeed We have made the words clear for a people who are sure.

¹¹⁹. Certainly We have sent you with the truth as a bearer of good news and as one who warns, and you shall not be called upon to answer for the companions of the flaming fire.

¹²⁰. And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians unless you follow their religion. Say, Certainly God's guidance, that is the true guidance. And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have no guardian from God, nor any helper.

¹²¹. Those to whom We have given the Book read it as it ought to be read. They believe in it; and whoever disbelieves in it, they shall be the losers.

¹²². Oh children of Israel, call to mind My favors which I gave to you and how I put you before the other nations.

¹²³. And watch out for a day when no soul will substitute for another at all and neither shall any compensation be accepted from it, nor shall intercession help it, nor shall they be helped.

¹²⁴. And rememberwhen his Lord tested Abraham with certain words, he fulfilled them. He said, Certainly I will make you a Leader of men. Abraham said, And what of my offspring?

He said,My covenant does not include the unjust,.

¹²⁵. And when We made the House a resort for men and a place of security, and: give for yourselves a place of prayer in the footsteps of Abraham. And We enjoined Abraham and Ishmael saying, Purify My House for those who visit it and those who stay in it for devotion and those who bow down and those who prostrate themselves in prayer.

¹²⁶. And when Abraham said, My Lord, make it a secure town and provide its people with fruits, those of them as believe in God and the last day. He said, "And whoever disbelieves, I will grant him enjoyment only for a short while, then I will drive him to the punishment of the fire; and it is an evil destination.

¹²⁷. And when Abraham and Ishmael raised the foundations of the House: Our Lord! accept this from us; certainly You are the Hearing, the Knowing:

¹²⁸. Our Lord! and make us both submissive to You and raise from our offspring a nation obedient to You, and show us our ways of devotion and turn to us mercifully, certainly You are the One Who Often Returns to Mercy, the Merciful.

¹²⁹. Our Lord! and raise up in them a Prophet from among them who shall recite to them Your words and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and purify them; certainly You are the Mighty, the Wise.

¹³⁰. And he who puts aside the religion of Abraham but he who makes himself a fool, and most certainly We chose him in this world, and in the hereafter he is most certainly among the righteous.

¹³¹. When his Lord said to him, Be a Muslim, he said, I submit myself to the Lord of the worlds.

¹³². And the same did Abraham enjoin on his sons and so did Jacob. Oh my sons! certainly God has chosen for you this faith, therefore do not die unless you are Muslims.

¹³³. No! were you witnesses when death visited Jacob, when he said to his sons, What will you serve after me? They said, We will serve your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac, one God only, and to Him do we submit.

¹³⁴. This is a people that have passed away; they shall have what they earned and you shall have what you earn, and you shall not be called upon to answer for what they did.

¹³⁵. And they say, Be Jews or Christians, you will be on the right course. Say, No! we follow the religion of Abraham, the Hanif, and he was not one of the polytheists."

¹³⁶. Say, We believe in God and in that which had been revealed to us, and in that which was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and in that which was given to Moses and Jesus, and in that which was given to the prophets from their Lord, we do not make any distinction between any of them, and to Him do we submit.

¹³⁷. If then they believe as you believe in Him, they are indeed on the right path, and if they turn back, then they are departed from the great path, so God will provide for you against them, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

¹³⁸. Receive the baptism of God, and who is better than God in baptising? and Him do we serve.

¹³⁹. Say, Do you dispute with us about God, and He is our Lord and your Lord, and we shall have our deeds and you shall have your deeds, and we are sincere to Him.

¹⁴⁰. No! do you say that Abraham and Ishmael and Jacob and the tribes were Jews or Christians? Say, Are you better knowing or God? And who is more unjust than he who conceals a testimony that he has from God? And God recognizes what you do.

¹⁴¹. This is a people that have passed away; they shall have what they earned and you shall have what you earn, and you shall not be called upon to answer for what they did.

¹⁴². The fools among the people will say, What has turned them from their Qibla which they had? Say, The East and the West belong only to God; He guides whom He likes to the right path.

¹⁴³. And thus We have made you an exalted people so that you may be witness to the people and that the Messenger of God may be a witness to you; and We did not announce which Qibla you would have, except that We might distinguish between him who follows the Prophet from him who turns on his heel. And this was, indeed, difficult except for those whom God has correctly guided; and God was not going to make your faith fruitless; most certainly God is Affectionate, Merciful to the people.

¹⁴⁴. Indeed, We often see you turning of your face to heaven, so We shall certainly turn you to a Qibla of your choosing; turn then your face towards the Sacred Mosque, and wherever you are, turn your face towards it, and those who have been given the Book most certainly know that it is the truth from their Lord; and God recognizes what they do.

¹⁴⁵. And even if you bring to those who have been given the Book every sign they would not follow your Qibla, nor can you be a follower of their Qibla, neither are they the followers of each other's Qibla, and if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, then you shall most certainly be among the unjust.

¹⁴⁶. Thoseto whom We have given the Book recognize him as they recognize their sons, and some of them most certainly conceal the truth even though they know it is true. ¹⁴⁷. The truth is from your Lord, therefore you should not be one of the doubters. ¹⁴⁸. And every one has a direction to which he should turn, therefore hasten to do good works; wherever you are, God will bring you all together; certainly God has power over all things.

¹⁴⁹. And from whatever place you come from, turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque; and certainly it is the very truth from your Lord, and God recognizes what you do.

¹⁵⁰. And from whatever place you come forth, turn your face towards the Sacred Mosque; and wherever you are turn your faces towards it, so that people shall have no complaint against you, except those who are unjust; so do not fear them, and fear Me, so that I may do My works on you and that you may walk on the right course.

¹⁵¹. We have sent to you a Prophet from among you who recites to you Our words and purifies you and teaches you the Book and the wisdom and teaches you that which you did not know. ¹⁵². Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, and be thankful to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.

¹⁵³. Oh you who believe! seek assistance through patience and prayer; certainly God is with the patient.

¹⁵⁴. And do not speak of those who are slain in God's way as dead; no, they are alive, but you cannot see them.

¹⁵⁵. And We will most certainly test you with some level of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits; and good news will come to the patient,

¹⁵⁶. Some persons, when a misfortune happens to them, say, Certainly we are God's and to Him we shall certainly return.

¹⁵⁷. Upon those people are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course.

¹⁵⁸. Certainly the mounts of Safa and Marwa are among the signs appointed by God; so whoever makes a pilgrimage to the House or pays a visit to it, there is no blame on him if he goes round them both; and whoever does good spontaneously, then certainly God is Grateful, Knowing.

¹⁵⁹. Certainly those who conceal the clear proofs and the guidance that We revealed after We made it clear in the Book for men, these it is whom God shall curse, and all those who curse shall curse them too.

¹⁶⁰. Except those who repent and amend and make obvious the truth, these it is to whom I turn mercifully; and I am the One Who Often Returns to Mercy, the Merciful.

¹⁶¹. Certainly those who disbelieve and die while they are disbelievers, on these is the curse of God and of all the angels and men;

¹⁶². Abiding in it; their punishment shall not be lightened nor shall they be given rest.

¹⁶³. And your God is one God! there is no god but He; He is the Kind, the Merciful.

¹⁶⁴. Most certainly in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day, and the ships that run in the sea with the commerce of men, and the water that God sends down from the cloud, then gives life with it to the earth after its death and spreads in it all kinds of animals, and the changing of the winds and the clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth, there are signs for a people who understand.

¹⁶⁵. And there are some among men who take for themselves objects of worship besides God, whom they love as they love God, and those who believe are stronger in love for God and O, that those who are unjust had seen, when they see the punishment, that the power is wholly God's and that God is severe in requiting evil.

¹⁶⁶. When the leaders shall renounce the followers, and they see the punishment and their ties are cut apart.

¹⁶⁷. And those who followed shall say, "Had we had the opportunity, then we would renounce them as they have renounced us. Thus will God prove to them that their deeds will be intensely regretful to them, and they shall not return from the fire.

¹⁶⁸. Oh men! eat the lawful and good things out of what is in the earth, and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan; certainly he is your open enemy.

¹⁶⁹. He only urges you to evil and indecency, and urges you to speak against God in your ignorance.

¹⁷⁰. And when it is said to them, Follow what God has revealed, they say, "No! we follow as our fathers did. And, because fathers had no sense at all, they too did not follow the right way.

¹⁷¹. And the story of those who reject faith is like the story of one who calls like a shepherd to those who hear nothing but screams and cries; deaf, dumb and blind, they have no wisdom.

¹⁷². Oh you who believe! eat of the good things that We have provided you with, and give thanks to God if Him it is that you serve.

¹⁷³. He has only forbidden you flesh of dying animals, and blood, and flesh of swine, and that on which any name other than that of God has been invoked. But if one is forced by necessity, rather than desire, without exceeding the limit, no sin shall be upon him; certainly God is Forgiving, Merciful.

¹⁷⁴. Certainly those who conceal any part of the Book that God has revealed and do it for a profit, they shall receive nothing but fire into their bellies, and God will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they shall have a painful punishment.

¹⁷⁵. These are they who buy error for the right direction and punishment for forgiveness; how boldly they encounter the fire.

¹⁷⁶. This is because God has revealed the Book as the truth; and certainly those who go against the Book create a great unrest.

¹⁷⁷. It is not righteousness that you turn your faces towards the East and the West, but righteousness is this that one should believe in God and the last day and the angels and the Book and the prophets, and give away wealth out of love for Him to the next of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and the beggars and for the release of the captives, and keep up prayer and are charitable. And those who keep their promise, and those patient when distressed and when afflicted and in time of conflicts. These are they who are true to themselves and these are they who guard against evil.

¹⁷⁸. Oh you who believe! Equality of retaliation is prescribed in the case of murder, the free for the free, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female, but if any forgiveness is made to anyone by his aggrieved brother, then grant a reasonable demand and compensate him handsomely. this is an exemption from your Lord and a mercy; so whoever exceeds the limit after this shall have a painful punishment.

¹⁷⁹. And the law of retaliation is beneficial to your life, Oh men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves.

¹⁸⁰. A bequest is meant for you when death approaches one of you, if he leaves behind wealth for parents and near relatives, according to custom, a duty is incumbent upon those who guard against evil. ¹⁸¹. Whoever then alters it after he has heard it, the sin of it then is only upon those who alter it; certainly God is Hearing, Knowing.

¹⁸². But he who suspects wrongdoing or an act of disobedience on the part of the testator, and effects an agreement between the parties, there is no blame on him. Certainly God is Forgiving, Merciful.

¹⁸³. Oh you who believe! fasting is directed for you, as it was ordered for those before you, so that you may guard against evil.

¹⁸⁴. For a certain number of days; but whoever among you is sick or on a journey, then he shall fast a like number of other days; and those who are not able to do it may effect a redemption by feeding a poor man; so whoever does good spontaneously it is better for him; and that you fast is better for you if you know.

¹⁸⁵. The month of Ramadan is that in which the Koran was revealed, a guidance to men and clear proofs of the guidance and the distinction; therefore whoever of you is present in the month, he shall fast therein, and whoever is sick or upon a journey, then he shall fast a like number of other days; God desires ease for you, and He does not desire difficulty for you, and He desires that you should complete the number of days fasting and that you should exalt the greatness of God for His having guided you and that you may give thanks.

¹⁸⁶. And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then I am indeed close to them; I answer the prayer of the requestor when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.

¹⁸⁷. It is made lawful to you to be with your wives on the night of the fast. They are your garments and you are their garments; God knew that you secretly acted unfaithfully before, yet He has turned to you mercifully and forgave you; so now be in contact with them and seek what God has ordered for you, and eat and drink until the whiteness of the day becomes distinct from the blackness of the night at dawn, then complete the fast till night. And, do not have contact with them while you keep to the mosques; these are the limits of God, so do not go near them. Thus does God make clear His words for men that they may guard against evil.

¹⁸⁸. And do not waste your property among yourselves by falsehoos, neither seek to bribe the judges with your property, with the intent that you may take a part of the property of other men wrongfully.

¹⁸⁹. They ask you concerning the new moon. Say, "They are meant as signs to mark the times for the affairs of men, and for the pilgrimage; and it is not righteousness that you should enter the houses at their backs. There is no virtue if you enter into the houses by their rear doors and be careful of your duty to God, so that you may be successful.

¹⁹⁰. And fight on the side of God with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, certainly God does not love those who exceed the limits.

¹⁹¹. And kill those who transgress wherever you find them, and drive them out from wherever they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque unless they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then kill them; such is the reward of the unbelievers.

¹⁹². But if they cease their unbelieving, then certainly God is Forgiving, Merciful.

¹⁹³. And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for God, but if they cease, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors.

¹⁹⁴. The Sacred month for the sacred month and the law of retaliation is sacred; whoever then acts aggressively against you, inflict injury on him according to the injury he has inflicted on you and be careful of your duty to God and know that God is with those who guard against evil.

¹⁹⁵. And spend in the way of God and do not condemn yourselves to hell by your actions and do good to others; certainly God loves those who do good.

¹⁹⁶. And accomplish the pilgrimage and the visit for God, but if, you are prevented, send whatever offering you can, and do not shave your heads until the offering reaches its destination. If someone among you is sick or is mentally ill, he should make up for this by fasting or charity or sacrificing, then when you are well again, whoever profits by combining the visit with the pilgrimage should take what offering is easy to obtain; but he who cannot find any offering should fast for three days during the pilgrimage and for seven days when you return; these make ten days complete; this is for him whose family is not present in the Sacred Mosque, and be careful of your duty to God, and know that God is severe in requiting evil.

¹⁹⁷. The Hajj or pilgrimage is to be performed in the well-known months. If you decide to undertake the Hajj, you shall not speak obscenity, or have intercourse or fornicate, nor quarrel amongst one another. Whatever good you do, God knows it. And take proper provisions for the journey, but the best provision is the guarding of oneself, and be careful of your duty to Me, Oh men of understanding.

¹⁹⁸. There is no blame on you in seeking benefit from your Lord during the Hajj, so when you hasten on from Mount Arafat, then remember God near the Holy Monument, and remember Him as He has guided you, though before that you were among those in error.

¹⁹⁹. Then hurry on from the Place from which the people hurry on and ask the forgiveness of God; certainly God is Forgiving, Merciful.

²⁰⁰. When you have performed your holy rituals, then honor God as you honored your fathers, but in a greater manner than before. But there are some people who say, Our Lord! Provide for us in the world, and they shall have no resting place.

²⁰¹. And there are some among them who say, Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the punishment of the fire.

²⁰². They shall have their portion of what they have earned, and God is swift in judging.

²⁰³. Honor God during the designated days; then whoever hurries off in two days, there is no blame on him, and whoever remains behind, there is no blame on him, if his intentions was correct. Be careful of your duty to God, and know that you shall be gathered together to Him.

²⁰⁴. There is a type of man whose speech about the life of this world amazes you, and he calls on God to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the most violent of enemies.

²⁰⁵. And when he turns back, he runs along in the land in order to cause turmoil in it and destroy the crops and the livestock, and God does not love mischief-making.

²⁰⁶. And when it is said to him, guard against the punishment of God; pride carries him off to sin. So, for the likes of him hell is sufficient, and, indeed, it is the resting place of the evil.

²⁰⁷. There is a type of man who devotes his life to seek the pleasure of God; and God is Affectionate to the servants.

²⁰⁸. Oh you who believe! Submit, one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; certainly he is your clear enemy.

²⁰⁹. But if you slip after clear revelation has come to you, then know that God is Mighty, Wise.

²¹⁰. Do they wait until God comes to them in the shadows of the clouds along with the angels, and the matter has already been decided; and all matters are returned to God?

²¹¹. Ask the Israelites how many a clear sign We have given them; and whoever returns to the old ways after the revelation of God has come to him, then certainly God is severe in punishing such evil.

²¹². The life of this world is attractive to those who disbelieve, and they make fun of those who believe, and those who are reverent shall be above them on the day of resurrection; and God gives His amazing abundance on those whom he wishes to receive it.

²¹³. All people are a single nation; so God raised prophets to bear good news and to warn. He revealed to them the Book with truth, in order to judge between people in the manner in which they differed; and none but the very people who were given it differed about it after clear reasons were given to them, revolting among themselves; so God has guided by His will those who believe in the truth about which they differed and God guides whom He pleases to the right path.

²¹⁴. Or do you think that you