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Virgin Sacrifice to the Minotaur

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Zoe was touring the ruins at Knossos when things went awry. First, some creepy old man became way to familiar with her, and then he made the ground open up beneath her. Zoe dropped down deep below the ruins, into dimly lit labyrinths. Surely the minotaur was mere myth? But then something sounding big and scary started hunting her.

Minotaur wanted something from her, and a lot of it, too. Zoe didn't realize it, but ancient priests were breeding her with the minotaur. Will Zoe escape the labyrinths? Will the priests get their baby minotaur?

Warning: This short story contains extremely explicit consensual sex between adults, sex with mythological creatures, and breeding.

All characters are 18 years old or older.

* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *

"That old man did this to me," she said. "What's he up to? Is he going to come down later and kill me?" She hugged herself, looking around. "There's probably another way down here."

Then it occurred to her. Tunnels under Knossos. The Labyrinth? The legend of the minotaur, for which the Minoan culture was named.

"This is just too weird," she muttered, noticing there were three passages leading away from her. One of them probably led to the surface. Once again, she was reminded of the legend of the labyrinth. "If I'm being punked, someone's going to get their ass kicked, big time."

A tumble of rocks echoed through the labyrinth. Zoe's eyes grew huge as she looked around, listening, unable to breathe. She couldn't tell which direction it came from, or if it indicated someone else was out there. The old man?

"Who's out there?" she called.

She was answered by a snort. Like a horse would make. Or a bull? A minotaur?

She shook her head. Minotaurs were just a legend, and it was impossible to have someone half human and half bull. The species just couldn't crossbreed.

"Ggrrrrggghhh," came to her, sounding closer than the previous snort.

"Oh. Oh," she cried out softly. She was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to go to the bathroom. "Oh god, help me."

But now she knew from which tunnel it was coming from. Zoe turned and raced into the opposite tunnel. The faint glow continued, letting her just pick her way through the passage. There were stretches clearly manmade and others that were naturally formed.

A great bellow suddenly filled the labyrinth, and terror filled Zoe's heart.

About the Author:
Raquel Rogue has a passion for erotic writing, her pet Yorkie, and stilettos. Not necessarily in that order. She can't get her fertile mind off the tawdry, taboo side of life, so writes stories so wet, wild, and wicked, it'll curl your toes.

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