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Old Stories...Never Told: Nikki & Kenny Book 4

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Nikki and Kenny have been together for almost seven years. They’ve gone from high school sweethearts to married. From broke high school kids to adult entrepreneurs. From a WNBA superstar and rookie cop to FBI and Homeland Security agents.

In order to accomplish all they have they needed to work together as a team. In order to work as a team they needed to trust each other. Drawing on a pact they made back when they were new to their relationship of no lies, the trust came easily.

Five thousand miles from home, and working an assignment, Nikki finds out that Kenny has been holding back. He went through something before they met that he decided not to tell Nikki about. Something that was similar to what she went through. Only he didn’t think she needed to know about it.

While Nikki thinks she should have been told, especially since knowing how he handled it would have helped her handle her situation, she can’t blame him for keeping the secret. For one reason and one reason only she has to get past the hurt.

That reason...She has a secret of her own. Something she swore she would never tell anyone. Something that’s worse than his. Something that she feels will destroy there relationship for good.

Is keeping a secret really a lie? Do two people in a relationship really need to know everything about each other? Can Nikki and Kenny get past the old stories that were never told?

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