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Tainted Elite

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It’s year 2069. A young Cassaundra watches as her family is assassinated during a family vacation to Niagara Falls. After leaping into the falls to save herself from the Kretchtin snipers, she awakens within the walls of the ELITE Corporation, run by a powerful and callous CEO, Dr. Alexis Wu.

At age thirteen, Cassaundra’s life takes another drastic turn when forced to undergo a DNA cleansing, giving her superior abilities. Despising the ELITE Corporation and everything it stands for, Cassaundra yearns to escape its control.

Now twenty-seven, Cassaundra is still a pawn for the ELITE Corporation and its Executives. Dr. Alexis Wu calls upon her to rescue her daughter Abby from a hidden facility within a volcano. The heat rises beyond molten lava when Cassaundra realizes that there is something about the ELITE Corporation that she does strongly desire...Abby.

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