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Guinevere the Queen AD494

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The magical sword Excalibur, the very symbol of King Arthur's power has been stolen. Unable to defer mediation in a conflict over Hadrian's Wall in the north of his monarchy, Arthur and Merlin are unable to immediately search for the thief.
Queen Gwenhwyvar and Sorceress Morgan Le Fay set out unbeknown to Arthur to find the sword. Accompanied by the three brothers, Knights Sir Galahallt Sir Garethe and Sir Guaen, they traverse Saxon held lands in search of the thief.
The Queen and Sorceress will have to bargain with magical creatures and battle with a mythological beast in order to recover the sword. To do this they travel to Roman-occupied Gaul. Danger awaits them at every turn in this far away land in the year AD 494

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