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Prisoner in Time

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This is the SEQUEL to Tear in Time... Dr. David Warner returns to the American Civil War (1864).

TEAR IN TIME (book 1): After a traumatic loss on the operating table, Dr. David Warner enters an elevator and descends into the American Civil War (1862). That one death changes the world forever.

PRISONER IN TIME (book 2): Dr. Warner must travel back in time once again, this time to save a patient and his troubled brother.

SAVIOR IN TIME (book 3): Dr. Warner is sent back to the past, this time to ancient Rome. He learns of a destiny that even he could never have imagined.

Synopsis - Prisoner in Time:
A teen is rushed to the hospital after a violent crash. Dr. David Warner fights to save him, but to no avail. Upon learning of his brother’s death, Geoff Robbins, the teen’s brother now blames Dr. Warner for the loss. Distraught and irrational, Geoff devises a plan to save him: travel back in time and change events to change the future. As the angry teen enters the elevator, he and Dr. Warner struggle and are thrust into the American Civil War – circa 1864. Dr. Warner must overcome his own guilt and the hate from the angry teen in order to save him in their new violent world.

Almost immediately, the two are recruited and forced to fight. Through their harrowing struggle, they must learn to depend on each other to survive. Narrowly escaping death, Dr. Warner realizes he must employ the help of his old friend Dr. Jebediah Morgan, if he has any chance to turn Geoff Robbins’ dangerous course. As the three become friends, their courage and loyalty are put to the test.

At the apex of their journey, tragedy strikes that rocks the two doctor’s to their core. Neither man could have prepared themselves for Geoff Robbins’ secret plan. With time running out, the two doctors must now rush to save the teen from certain death.

This story is epic – 138k words!

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