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101 Meditation Techniques

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If you are interested in solving your problems, overcoming nervousness, reducing stress, losing weight or seeing and experiencing God face to face, then this compilation from the writings of Sri Chinmoy is for you! This book will help you learn to meditate using methods Sri Chinmoy taught to thousands of students during his lifetime.

101 Meditation Techniques will show beginners ways to start a meditation practice. And, for the experienced meditator, the techniques in this book offer new inspiration to dive deeper and fly higher.
For Sri Chinmoy, meditation was both mystical and practical. You can see this reflected in the chapter titles:

•Developing Concentration
•Stilling the Mind
•Breathing Exercises
•Chanting Mantras
•Opening the Heart
•Guided Meditations
•Meditations for Divine Qualities
•Meditation for Artists and Musicians
•Meditation Techniques for Runners
•Meditation for Practical Purposes

Each of the many techniques in this book stands alone and spans the range from simple breathing exercises to contemplation on the ineffable Supreme Being. This book offers the seeker thirteen ways to concentrate, nine mantras—including the eternal Gayatri Mantra—23 guided meditations and much more.

For those just beginning to meditate, Sri Chinmoy’s companion book, Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction, is a definitive guide to the inner understanding of meditation and an FAQ for both beginners and experienced meditators.

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