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Four Pals in Science Class

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Join the Award Winning Four Pals as they approach the assignment of building a volcano very differently from each other. Each one takes their own approach based on their personality type! This fun, faith-based adventure shows that God made us each different and our differences determine the way we think, feel, and act in every situation! These pals learn it's okay to be different from others! This book is part of a series! Look for other Four Pals books coming soon to ebook! These titles include: Four Pals at the Park, Four Pals at the Zoo, Four Pals at a Party and in the fall we will release Four Pals on a Field Trip. Each book highlights one of the personality types using the DiSC model of human behavior and teaches kids how to recognize our differences. The books also let them know it's okay to be different from others - we all have great things to offer! There is an easy to use Readers Guide in the back of each book for teachers/parents to use as a resource to teach kids about our personality types. Each book also contains a little bit about each character in the front of the book! These books have been endorsed by the Duggars from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". Their kids loved the books and we know your kids will too! These books are written for ages 3-9, but will most be enjoyed by children ages 5-8.

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